Changes to SGI Claims Process coming Soon

 News of changes to SGI Claims process happening soon!  

Saskatchewan drivers now have a new way for processing collision claims through Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI), specifically for minor damages, like in a fender bender-type collision. Drivers can soon choose to take their vehicles to an auto body repair shop approved by SGI, where both the estimate and repairs will be done.


The minister responsible for SGI Don McMorris said the new setup will allow drivers to have vehicle repairs completed at the same shop where the claim is filed. SGI’s claims centres will still be open and employ the same number of staff. They’ll still be an option for drivers with minor damages, and they’ll continue to handle larger damage, such as total losses. Where the vehicle will go will still be determined when a driver initially files the claim. The government says an audit process is in place to ensure body shops remain objective in their assessment. “People from SGI will be evaluating, you know, a spot evaluation of the body shop to make sure the damage was accurately assessed,” McMorris said. “It’s a benefit to the customer, it’s a benefit to the body shop, as well as SGI. It gets some of that work out of our adjustment centres.” McMorris said repair shops will also be subject to annual training.

Approximately 20 repair shops in the province are already doing damage estimates for drivers, SGI said. It hopes 180 shops will be ELITE accredited ( Superior Auto Body is Elite Accredited SGI shop) to do so by the end of the year. SGI estimated that there are more than 200,000 auto damage claims in Saskatchewan each year.

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