Collisions: By The Numbers

Late last week, SGI introduced its Let’s Get You Home Safe Campaign to the province. This campaign was created to shed light on the key contributors to serious automotive incidents. These factors include Impaired Driving, Speeding, Seatbelt Use, and Distracted Driving. In conjunction with this campaign, we took a dive into the numbers behind automotive collisions in the province to help shed some light on why these factors play such a major role. All of these numbers were sourced from an annual publication from SGI, produced last year with all of the numbers based on results in 2020. Before getting into the major contributors outlined by SGI, we’d like to take a look at some of the general statistics surrounding collisions within the province.

General Statistics

In 2020, 24,242 total collisions were reported in the province of Saskatchewan. Of the total number of collisions, nearly 89% of the collisions were Property Damage Only (PDO) Collisions.

The remaining collisions all resulted in either injury or fatalities to the individuals involved. Although these statistics may seem alarming, these numbers are actually a decrease from previous years. In 2019, a total of 28,894 reported collisions occurred 25,694 or 89% of these incidents being categorized as POD Collisions.


Collisions are subcategorized by the areas in which they take place. 8,256 took place on major provincial highways, 3,112 occurred on rural roads, 12,057 happened in an urban setting, and 804 incidents were classified as “Other Locations”.

Find a Safe Ride

The first pillar of the “Let’s Get You Home Safe” campaign is about Finding a Safe Ride. As you may expect, this section was created to promote the use of designated drivers and the avoidance of impaired driving. Upon looking at the statistics, it becomes immediately apparent why this is the first pillar of the campaign. In 2020, a total of 725 collisions were caused as a result of impaired driving. Although this number may seem insignificant compared to the overall number of collisions throughout the year, it becomes far more significant when injuries and fatalities are considered. Of the 725 impaired driving collisions, 401 injuries were reported and 36 fatalities. With 87 total deaths occurring in total due to vehicle collisions, the number of fatalities caused by impaired driving makes up 41% of the overall total. With impaired driving making up such a substantial piece of severe vehicle collisions, it is clear why this issue is so publicized by SGI. With impaired driving being a preventable cause of incidents, it is important to find a designated driver or safe ride home when spending the night out.

Slow Down

The second major pillar of the Let’s Get You Home Safe Campaign is to Slow Down. This topic relates to the speed and pressure drivers place upon reaching their destination. As we discussed in our last news release, speed can play an important role in the frequency and severity of traffic collisions. When looking at the numbers related to speeding, first SGI has subcategorized the number of incidents into a group called “Driver Action”. This group outlines the number of incidents that occurred due to the negligence of the driver involved. Driver action is then further subcategorized into a number of different factors (i.e. failure to yield, passing or improper lane usage, etc.). Of these categories, 4 different ones pertain in some respect to the speed and aggressiveness of the drivers involved. First is following too closely which resulted in 12.6% of all “Driver Action” type collisions. Next is driving too fast for the conditions which resulted in 7.6% of incidents. The last two factors are careless driving/stunting and excessive speeding which resulted in 1.8% and 1.3% of all “Driver Action” caused incidents respectively.

With these numbers at hand, speed and aggressive driving result in nearly a quarter of all incidents caused by driver actions. It’s important to note as well that a number of these driver actions also resulted in charges being laid to the driver at fault.

Buckle Up

Buckle Up relates to seatbelt use by drivers. Seatbelt use is an important factor when looking at the overall severity of an incident. Seatbelts can often mean the difference between a minor and potentially life-changing injury. When comparing numbers, only 11% of incidents resulting in injuries or fatalities involved individuals not wearing safety restraints. However, when you look at the severity of the results of these incidents, there are notable differences between those with safety restraints as opposed to those


Injury Classification Table

minor complaint of injury by victim, but no apparent incapacitation

an injury other than a fatal injury or an incapacitating injury, which is evident to observers at the scene of the collision

an injury other than a fatal injury, which prevents the injured person from walking, driving or normally continuing the activities the person was capable of performing before the injury occurred

an injury from which the victim enters into unconsciousness at, or when taken from, the collision scene

death within 30 days as a result of injuries incurred in the traffic collision

When looking at incidents where safety restraints are used, only 1.4% resulted in fatalities, and 3.6% resulted in category 2 major injuries. These numbers jump up to a 13.9% fatality rate and 23.2% Major 2 injury when safety restraints aren’t used. With these numbers, at hand, it is clear that the use of safety restraints is another critical factor in preventing serious or fatal incidents.

Just Drive

Although it may seem a bit vague at first, Just Drive is fairly simple as the last pillar. It’s as simple as it says… Just Drive. Avoid distractions like texting, eating, and drinking, and wait till a suitable stopping place for these needs. In 2020, Distract Driving resulted in 15.1% of incidents. This number becomes significant when compared to other Driver Actions which lead to collisions. Occurrences such as failure to yield, traffic control device disregarded, and so on could be partially as a result of distracted driving or inattentiveness. Therefore, it is important to ensure that distractions are mitigated and drivers are focusing on the road while they are driving it.

With all these factors at hand, make sure you’re getting home safely. If you are unfortunately involved in a collision, give us a call at (306) 382 3911 or stop by our shop on 1109 Avenue Q South in Saskatoon to receive your estimate.

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