How Long Will My Vehicle Repair Take?

If you have never experienced an automotive accident before, the entire process of a collision repair can seem overwhelming. The process can seem never-ending and confusing to follow at the best of times. On top of this, it can be hard to gauge exactly how long repairs can take and how long you will be without your vehicle. With this, we wanted to provide a bit more insight into the process and timelines in place at Superior Autobody. 

Superior Timelines

Repair timelines are heavily dependent on a number of different variables including the make and model of your vehicle, the location and severity of the damage, and the complexity of your vehicle’s colour.

A few common repair timelines are listed below:

  • Windshield replacement – 24 hours
  • Minor body dents – 24 to 48 hours
  • Bumper damage – 24 hours
  • Internal parts replacement – Up to two weeks
  • Multiple areas of damage – At least a month


These timeframes are given as estimates and are subject to change depending on some of the factors listed above. For example, a windshield replacement or bumper damage could take longer if specialty parts are required for your vehicle. Foreign and luxury vehicles may require custom orders on replacement parts which can extend the turnaround time on repairs.


One of the greatest predictors of vehicle repairs is the location and severity of the damage. A small dent from a parking lot fender bender can typically mean a relatively quick turnaround. However, a higher-speed collision on a main street or freeway could spell bigger repairs and often require multiple areas of repair. For example, a high-speed collision hitting your vehicle’s rear bumper may also result in damage to the vehicle’s quarter panels, trunk, or tail lights. Higher-speed collisions can also mean more extensive damage not seen at first glance. Sometimes through the course of a repair, mechanics can uncover further damage that can affect the repair process or the performance of the vehicle.

A Superior Repair Process

To give a little more insight into our timelines, here is the background on the typical operations our clients can expect when getting their work done with us. To help illustrate this process, we have step-by-step photos of a vehicle that has recently entered our shop and received a replacement for its rear quarter panels.

1. Estimate and Insurance Approval

Following an accident, an estimate must be provided to SGI. This estimate can be done at any SGI location in Saskatoon or can be done right in our shop! As an SGI Accredited Collision Center, we are able to deliver estimates directly to SGI and receive paperwork back to simplify your repair process. Following initial vehicle estimates and SGI verification, we will receive the green light to begin working on your car. 

2. Disassembly and Part Order

As you may have probably guessed, the first step in the repair process is to remove the damaged pieces of your vehicle. Body panels that are dented or scratched may be fixable right here in our shop. However, more extensive damage may require entirely new replacement parts to be ordered and fitted to your vehicle. During this stage, our technicians have the opportunity to take a better look at the interior components of your vehicle that are not typically visible. From here we can give feedback as to other necessary repairs or areas of concern down the road.

3. Repair/Replacement

Depending on the outcomes of disassembly, this stage can involve either the repair or replacement of your vehicle’s bodywork. Smaller dents, scuffs, and scratches can be worked out and your vehicle panel can be reshaped back to its original form. In the event of panel replacements, our technicians must wait until replacement parts arrive before fitting them to your vehicle. Our technicians will verify that the replacement pieces can be installed and will fit properly. Panel replacements are becoming increasingly more common in our industry as automotive dealers shift towards composite metals that crumble easier and prevent shock to the vehicle’s passengers. This means you can likely expect a replacement to be done if your vehicle is entering our shop.

4. Paint Match/Reassembly

When a replacement panel is required, it typically arrives unpainted and must be matched to the exact colour of your vehicle. Our paint booth technicians have a list of common colours used by different dealers to create an exact match for your vehicle. This process can be made more time-consuming if an uncommon or outdated colour is required. Once a correct match is found; our paint booth technicians will get to work on painting the replacement piece. On top of repainting the replacement piece, our technicians also paint other surrounding areas to help “blend” the colour match to the rest of the car. This is essential to ensuring your vehicle’s replacement piece does not stick out from the rest of the car. Through exposure to the elements like the sun, rain, snow, and wind, your vehicle’s original paint colour can diminish and fade. This makes the process of paint blending essential to getting your vehicle looking good as new! Once the painting is complete, your vehicle will be completely reassembled with the new replacement panel.

5. Detailing

We’ve done it! Your vehicle is back in working order and ready to be on the road. However, we take this opportunity to give you a superior experience. We have our crew detail the outside (and inside if required) of your vehicle to have your car looking like it just came off the dealership lot!

6. Final Inspection

With everything complete, you’ll get a call from us! Once you are back at the shop, we’ll take you through a final inspection showing you the replacement parts and explaining any other details we noticed in the process of working on your vehicle. Once we know you’re satisfied with the work we’ve done, we hand you the keys and see you on your way!

Our Courtesy To You

If you’re concerned about being without your vehicle after learning about our process, we have good news for you! Superior Autobody has its own fleet of courtesy cars available for your use when you work with us! We keep these cars on hand and will trade the keys for yours when we work on your car. Only feel comfortable driving a car? Or maybe you need something to drive the kids around? We’ve got you covered with a wide range of vehicle types. From cars to SUVs, to minivans we have the vehicle on hand to make you feel like you’re still in yours! 

Have questions about our courtesy car program or ready to bring your car in for repairs? Give us a call at (306) 382 3911 or stop by our shop on 1109 Avenue Q South in Saskatoon.

Superior Auto Body Saskatoon has been in business since 1961, and we have been an SGI APPROVED Autobody shop and have been SGI accredited since 1982. There are many reasons we have so many loyal longstanding clients from all over the city, but mostly it is the small, personal touches that we offer to people who have been unfortunate enough to require our services.