Collision Repair: How Long Does It Take?

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Superior Auto Body Saskatoon has been in business since 1961, and we have been an SGI ACCREDITED Autobody shop since SGI started the program in 1982. There are many reasons we have so many loyal long standing clients from all over the city, but mostly it is the small, personal touches that we offer to people who have been unfortunate enough to require our services. We offer newer model courtesy cars and vans for our clients. In our latest article, we discuss how long the average collision repair will take at Superior.


How Long Does Collision Repair Take?

No two-vehicle collisions in Saskatchewan are the same, which means the repair time will be different for every vehicle that comes into the shop. The average time for collision repair varies based on a number of factors. Below are some guidelines that can help determine how long the repair should take.


Get a Repair Estimate From Your Insurance Company

The first step to getting an estimate is to contact SGI by phone or online. You will need your driver’s license, registration and the same information from the other party you were involved with if there is another party.

When reporting the accident to SGI you can request Superior Auto Body do the original estimate. This Request Superior To Do Your Vehicle's Estimate - Superior Auto Bodyaccomplishes two things:

  1. The estimate will be done quicker, most likely the same day as you report to SGI.
  2. The estimate will be more accurate so time is saved dealing with SGI to make additions to the estimate if they did it and it needs changes.


Evaluate Your Vehicle’s Damages

Minor repairs, like replacing a bumper (with parts in stock), typically takes a couple of days to complete. If your vehicle requires more intensive bodywork, it will take more time as this includes dissembling the vehicle, replacing or repairing vehicle parts, painting, reassembling and ensuring the vehicle looks just like new when you pick it up.


Factors That Could Delay Repairs

During the Covid-19 pandemic, when Superior orders parts from the factory, we are not given an exact delivery date for the parts to arrive. As their estimated times are very inconsistent since they also do not know exactly when the part will arrive. A part can arrive in 3 days or it could take 10 or more days, it all depends on the demand and supply for the part at that time.

When your vehicle requires parts that we do not have in stock, we are as transparent with you as possible communicating this information with you. We provide every client with a FREE courtesy car while your vehicle is in the shop, as we understand you should never be without a vehicle of your own for any period of time.


Get Collision Repair by Superior Auto Body Today!

Instead of wondering how long the collision repair on your vehicle will take, contact your local auto body experts at Superior Auto Body in Saskatoon. We work on all makes and models with a lifetime warranty on all of our work, and provide you with a FREE courtesy car while your vehicle is in the shop. 


If you’ve been involved in a collision and are looking to restore your vehicle back to its original form, contact the team at Superior Auto Body Today here we are a Trusted Saskatoon auto body and collision centre.